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 Location KOZIA GORA (Koseeger)


Geographic location


KOZIA GORA ist KG is situated in the West Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie), on the expressway Szczecin-Gdansk, near Karlino (5km). It is a perfect location, only 90km from the International Airport in Goleniow and 120km from the German border. The constant 24/7 traffic with many bus tours makes it an ideal place for a hotel, motel, spa resort etc. Nearby forest enhances the prospects of turning it into a holiday destination. Don’t forget the European Football Championship 2012 in Poland .


I bought the property in 1996 from the Polish Government (Agencja Wlasnosci Rolnej).

I hold the property title registered in the local Court in Bialogard.

The property is under the Heritage Trust but considering the devastation, the Trust would be satisfied with preserving the architecture (outside walls) of the palace and the general property layout.

I have plans for renovation of the main building; they were approved by the Heritage council.

There is apx. 75ha of land in the immediate neighborhood available for purchase to establish a resort, an aqua park or a golf course.

The property in Kozia Gora is already connected to the main sewage pipe and does have electricity connected through underground cables.

The management of Gmina Karlino (the local government) is very business orientated and always actively seeking investors. You can relay on their extensive help and support.

There is also a grant for preserving and saving the Polish-German Heritage; established by the EU and is also available for the potential investor.

Kozia Gora is a big property (8.72 ha) including 3.98 ha park.

KG was once a working folwark so the main buildings surrounding the Palace have a typical farming function. asking price 1.7.million euro






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